Our Team


From its inception, Halloran Masonry, Inc’s goal was to build a masonry contracting company that would surpass all other masonry contractors in the Southeast by doing what no one else did, or does now, specifically building quality, award winning, turn key masonry projects with our own employees. Projects that are completed on time and on schedule, with craftsmanship, safety and professionalism throughout- from the pricing stage to the punch list completion.

For 45 years, we have stayed true to the course with the ultimate goal of securing our 100th anniversary in 2076 as a profitable, dependable, and professional company still building the South 1 brick, 1 block, 1 square foot of stone at a time. We are all proud that our craft and skill go hand in hand with sustainable green material that will outlive our 100 year goal.

Halloran Masonry Inc. History timeline


For the last 45 years, Halloran Masonry, Inc has grown all of its key people from laborers to brick layers, to superintendents, to project managers. All are experienced brick layers and stone masons who are as skilled at doing their job as anyone the market place has to offer. They understand that working with and not against the General Contractors Superintendents gets the project completed on time with the smallest punch list and the highest quality.

Patrick M. Halloran Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer
Shane P. Halloran President, General Manager, Senior Safety Officer & Coordinator
Roy Dalton Assistant Project Manager
Jason Gomes General Superintendent for all Operations
Cassie Holt Office Manager
Steve Gomes Senior Estimator