Halloran Masonry Inc. History timeline

1973: Patrick M. Halloran – Laborer, Apprentice Bricklayer, Apprentice Stone Mason

1975: Patrick Halloran – Journeyman Bricklayer, Journeyman Stone Mason

1976: Halloran Masonry Inc. Established.

1976: L.C. Huff becomes Halloran Masonry, Inc’s first employee

1977: Halloran Masonry Inc. begins its apprentiship program.

1986: Halloran Masonry Inc. begins general contracting.

1991: Deean Poulnott hired as Secretary and Assistant Bookkeeper.

1996: Roy Dalton, Laborer

1998: Shane Halloran and Jason Gomes, Laborers

1999: Deean Poulnott becomes Office Manager.

1999: Roy Dalton, Journeyman bricklayer and stone mason.

2000: Roy Dalton becomes Superintendent.

2001: Shane Halloran and Jason Gomes, Journeyman bricklayer.

2003: Shane Halloran and Jason Gomes become Superintendents.

2006: Gina Elliot, Payroll and Leads Procurement. Steve Gomes, Estimating.

2007: Halloran Masonry becomes a Georgia Licensed General Contractor.

2008: Steve Gomes retired Marine Gunny Sergeant becomes Chief Estimator.

2009: Cassie Holt hired.

2009: Shane Halloran becomes Vice President Of Halloran Masonry, Inc.

2011: Halloran Masonry Inc celebrates 35 years of masonry.

2011: Halloran Masonry Celebrates 25 Years General Contracting

2013: Shane P. Halloran Becomes Senior Project Manager of All Operations

2017: Operations Continue

2017: On October 2nd Shane Halloran becomes President of Halloran Masonry Inc.

2017: Jason Gomes and Roy Dalton becomes Senior Superintendents of all Operations.

2017: Cassie Holt becomes Office Manager.